The Miracle Industry: America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker, Johnson & Johnson

Steven Brill, The Miracle Industry: America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker, Johnson & Johnson. The Huffington Post Highline, 15 September 2015. Chapter I of 15, “The Credo Company. Backstage at Johnson & Johnson.” “The Johnson & Johnson Risperdal story is a complex, roller coaster tale. The details count. They are important in understanding the people and impulses behind the drugs we take. To tell that story in a way that is digestible but complete, The Huffington Post Highline and I are trying something new: a DocuSerial. It’s a reconstruction of an old story-telling genre that allows us to deploy the modern tools of digital communication to engage readers in old-fashioned, long-form feature journalism.

Every day for the next 15 days, a new chapter of the Johnson & Johnson story will be posted here. Along with the text, we will post not only a rich array of photos and graphics, but also links to every document—court transcripts, internal emails, FDA staff memos—referred to in that day’s chapter. That way, you will be able to delve more deeply into the materials that are quoted. (You’ll also be able to make sure I held true to the context of the material I quote.)”

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Life and Death in Assisted Living, A. C. Thompson and Jonathan Jones, 2013

A.C. Thompson and Jonathan Jones, Life and Death in Assisted Living. ProPublica and FRONTLINE, four-part series and documentary, 29 July-1 August 2013. “This FRONTLINE co-production with ProPublica features investigative reporter A.C. Thompson, who goes behind closed doors in assisted living facilities across the country to reveal how this multibillion-dollar industry is putting seniors at risk with little or no official scrutiny or regulation. Assisted Living has been marketed as a safer, more humane alternative to nursing homes, but Thompson uncovers just how far this is from the truth. In lively interviews and with unprecedented access, Thompson makes a strong case for tougher oversight and regulation of the facilities that house 750,000 seniors in America.” Sharon Tiller, an executive producer at The Center for Investigative Reporting.

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