IMG_23312I am a former college teacher living in Norwich, VT. I have been collecting muckraking stories for a number of years, and in March 2014 I decided to plant some of these investigative pieces on this website as a resource for people who are interested in digging beneath the surface in order to better understand complex local, regional, national and international issues. These exposés are both contemporary and classic, a few going back to the late 1880s. I hope this historical range will enable readers to make connections, to discover similarities and differences between past and present wrongs, and to see the historical roots of  many contemporary injustices. I add new material to this site frequently.

Update: On 20 January 2017 I added a new feature to Muckraker Farm entitled “Keeping Track (of some things), Staying Outraged (it is possible), and Resisting (it’s essential).” These posts can be found under “Trump: A Daily Chronicle.”

Mary Alcott Ferger