Techsploitation, Part Two: Federal contracts: Federal tech contracts awarded to job brokers with labor violations

Jennifer Gollan and Matt Smith, Techsploitation, Part Two: Federal tech contracts awarded to job brokers with labor violations. The Center for Investigative Reporting27 October 2014. This “yearlong probe by The Center for Investigative Reporting found that porous federal oversight allows these labor brokers to financially exploit workers with little fear of detection. It turns out that those that are caught can continue to survive and thrive–including on the taxpayers’ dime.” Published with The Guardian and NBC Bay Area.

Excerpts from story:

The Gist:

The federal government has awarded contracts and other benefits worth nearly half a billion dollars since 2000 to tech labor brokers cited for violating laws related to the temporary visa program known as H-1B.

Since 2000, nearly 20 percent of the technology labor brokers and tech firms cited for violating the H-1B visa program have received federal contracts, payments and other government support.

The Department of Homeland Security and Department of Labor are among the agencies that have looked past H-1B violations or failed to check the record.

Even labor brokers facing the ultimate penalty for H-1B labor violations–debarment from the temporary visa program–found ways back in.

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